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At Cwm Cymraeg Events we want you to thoroughly enjoy our events. We have put these terms and conditions together to help you have a safe, successful and enjoyable day.


You are eligible for a full refund (minus a £5.00 admin fee and the Results Base online booking fee) within the 14 days cooling off period from the day of booking. The cooling off period does not apply where a booking is made within 14 days of the event date.

Any withdrawals after the 14 days cooling off period will not be eligible for a refund. Due to the nature of sporting events we are unable to make exceptions for illness, injuries, pregnancy etc.



We (Cwm Cymraeg Events or the event organiser) reserve the right to alter the start time of the event. In the event of a change of start time the participants will be notified of the revised start time with as much notice as reasonably practicable. No refund in full or in part shall be made for any change in start time for an event provided the event takes place on the specified date as advertised.

We reserve the right to change the date of the event in any unforeseen circumstances out of our control.

In the event of circumstances beyond our control the event organiser also has the right to move the event to a new location. No refund will be given in this scenario.

No refunds will be offered if cancellation is due to an unforeseeable natural disaster or other ‘act of God’.



The participant shall complete the online entry form and submit it together with payment of the entry fee in accordance with the event organisers’ website.

The participant shall not be eligible or entitled to participate in the event until full payment of the entry fee has been received by the event organiser. No payment shall be deemed to have been received until the event organiser has received cleared funds.



The participant acknowledges that participation in the event is physically strenuous. It is acknowledged that participation in the event will be physically demanding and the participant is aware of the nature of the event and associated medical and physical risks involved. 

We reserve the right at any time to remove participants from the event or prevent participants from entering any future events, if in the event organisers sole discretion, it considers such action necessary for safety reasons or the proper enjoyment of the event by other participants or for any other reasonable reason. No refund of the fee shall be made if the participant has acted negligently, maliciously, with wilful misconduct or otherwise without due care and attention for the event or other participants, so as to cause his/her removal/disqualification; the said participants may also face a life-time ban from all future events.

Race number/goodie bag must be collected by the athlete only, with appropriate photographic personal identification.

While the event organiser takes every care with the staging of an event, the participant acknowledges that personal accident and personal items insurance is his or her sole responsibility

The participant agrees that he/she is physically capable of competing in the event and agrees to be solely responsible for his/her actions and the event organiser, its officers, employees, agents, affiliates, associated companies, sponsors or medical advisers are not responsible for any injury or illness that the participant may suffer as a result of his/her participation in the event.

The participant acknowledges and accepts that circumstances concerning an event may change from time to time for reasons out of the event organisers control.



Cwm Cymraeg Events set out to host as safe an event as possible. In the event of circumstances beyond our control, which results in potentially unsafe conditions, we will either:

A. Amend the course to make the event safe, this may include modifying the start time, route(s)


B. Where conditions cannot be made safe, cancel the event

Where the event is modified under condition A above, no refund will be offered. In the event of a cancellation under condition B above, competitors will be offered the option to transfer to the another event under the same terms of their existing registration.

Where possible, we shall give at least 24 hours notice to any potential amendment or cancellation. 

No refunds will be offered if cancellation is due to an unforeseeable natural disaster or ‘act of God’.



Transfers to another competitor

You may transfer or sell your place to another person wishing to take part in the event. This must be done at least ONE calendar month prior to the event. You are responsible for updating the personal information which can be accessed via the details provided in the confirmation email you received upon entering the event. You also need to inform us of these changes


Transferring to another event

Subject to an admin fee of £5, you may transfer your entry to another Cwm Cymraeg event taking place within 6 months of the date of the event you originally entered. This must be done at least one calendar month prior to the event.

This type of transfer cannot take place if the event is sold-out.

Entries can only be transferred once and thereafter will not be refundable.

Ask a Question

If you would like to volunteer for an upcoming event or if you have any enquiry about future events please get in touch. 

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